The Mildred Cursh Foundation in Venice, CA

Ralphs Rewards Community Program

Shop at Ralph's? Great! Make an easy contribution to the Mildred Cursh Foundation simply by using your Ralph's club card. All you have to do is sign up following these easy steps! Go to to register your club card

Step one: go to

Step two: Click on the Sign in button



Step three: Login if you have online account OR You can create an online account (if you don't have one)


Step four: Once you have a registered online account, make sure you are logged in then click the "My Account" button


Step five: Click edit on the "Community Rewards" button on the bottom of your account page

Step six: fill out the following form in 3 steps

1. Type Mildred Cursh Foundation in the Find your orginization section

2. Click the Bubble

3. Save

Thank you so much for signing up! Your contribution is very appreciated!!