The Mildred Cursh Foundation in Venice, CA

Staff and Volunteers

For several years, the staff and volunteers have provided a safe haven for students of incarcerated parents. They volunteer numerous hours per week to make our after-school program a success. Here is a list of the staff and volunteer that make it happen!

Mildred Cursh Foundation Staff

Antoinette Reynolds: Executive Director/Program Coordinator
Sam Brown: IT Systems Analysis
Nichalous Reynolds: Website Administrator


Staff Mentors
Teryn Powell, Administrative Assistant/Mentor
Amanda Rogers, Administrative Assistant/Mentor

Kristina Apgar, Administrative Assistant/Mentor
Fatou Ndiaye, Grant Writer
Jeff Brietman, Driver


LMU Alpha Phi Foundation

Easter Seal Organization Clients/Students
Community Volunteer Clients


Volunteer Food Distribution
Dorothy Saray
Mary McAdoo, Program Coordinator
Oakwood Senior Club

Ronnie, Assistant Program Coordinator