The Mildred Cursh Foundation in Venice, CA

Companion Youth Programs: Summer Cultural Events for Youths

The Companion Youth Learning Program is a Summer Cultural Events, enrichment program developed especially for children of incarcerated parents.

Every year, over 30,000 children in low-income families in Los Angeles are separated from one or both of their parents who are serving prison sentences. These children are left in the custody of guardians or grandparents who often lack the time or the ability to guide children in their education and homework.

The Mildred Cursh Foundation has been serving these children for several years through the Prison Fellowship Ministry Organization. They have provided a safe, comfortable haven for a diverse cross-section of children (ages 5-18 years).

Our summer cultural events, program encourages our students to develop their own possibility skills through engaging exercises, mentorship and summer cultural events where learning is possible through out trips, fishing camping and the arts.

The Companion Youth  Program addresses these needs by providing a caring mentor and a curriculum that anticipates their learning difficulties. Our program also seeks to motivate youth to find the 'Hero' within themselves and to develop social possibility skills and an enthusiasm for the art of learning.

Ms. Reynolds conducts this summer programs by collaborating with other Non profit community organizations that work with children ages 5-18 that expand upon the subjects and standards for the grade levels of the participants.

Youth Companion meets during the Summer Time only. The Center  at 610 California is an open and inviting facility and is readily accessible to the youth in Venice. It is ideally situated on a direct route of the Santa Monica Blue Bus. It is the home of one non-profit organization, which offer a continuum of educational and social services to the whole community free of charge or on a sliding scale.  The organization has been awarded two community grants this year: Abbot Kinney Association and Venice Neighborhood Council to support our Food and Mentoring Program for 2015 - 2016 program year and our new collaborative programs Healing Soul Therapy services and Community Healing Projects workshops and the Community Healing Gardens volunteer support.


Educational programs include: Computer training, citizenship classes, arts, after-school tutoring, homework assistance, exercise programs, and a once a month spiritually based life skills class (Mandatory) for parents/care-givers and their children


Companion Learning Program will Begin: June' 2018
Enrollment begins now

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Antoinette Reynolds, Executive Director

The program meets during the Summer only:

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The Learning Project will have a new home in 2017 - Information Pending will have updates posted as needed

further information can be given by contacting 310 428-0276 Director Antoinette Reynolds